Welcome to Bruno Mandalari’s Dermatological Medical Office

The group of specialists that I represent is lucky enough to work in a constantly evolving field, more specifically the medical research and experimentation in dermatology. The study of human genetic variability is a challenge for modern medicine, especially the prospect of being able to treat each one of us in a more specific and safe manner, identifying the most effective therapeutic treatment.

Today, according to our research, we can say that: a first series of laboratory criteria, medical device and targeted diagnostic tests, used to determine the state of aging of an individual are valuable in the medical field. For some time now we have, in fact, been focusing not only on curing skin, inflammatory and systemic diseases and surgical treatment of both benign and malignant neoplastic growths, but also the study of skin aging, its integrity and the regeneration of dermal tissues. The experience and scientific knowledge we apply to our work on a day-to-day basis, concerns the therapeutic treatment of skin or visible mucous membranes, which require the intervention of scalpels, lasers or other instruments to remove or correct lesions, small growths, skin imperfections, blemishes, wrinkles and alterations with various causes.

The best technique is selected based on the characteristics and dynamics of individual patients. This can be electroporation, ultrapulse lasers, PRP, biorevitalisation, radiofrequency, the use of fillers and so on. The profile of our therapeutic programmes and our methodologies is extremely conservative and minimally invasive. Our experience in observing specific skin imperfections, has led us to evaluate these phenomena as a core symptom of an initial alteration of the basal activity of cells and vital systems of the dermal layer.

In our mind, this is an important signal of a change that is occurring via the structures that regulate major cellular metabolic exchanges. These abnormalities could be the cause of future chronic and degenerative diseases typically seen in aging.