Tests and exams requested: skin check-up; serum-blood tests; urinary markers; genetic profile;

The classification of photo-aging according to Mark-Rubin:

LEVEL I (epidermis)

accentuation of skin tissue texture
slightly uneven complexion, dull skin
skin “rough” to the touch
wrinkles visible only during facial expressions

LEVEL II (epidermis and papillary dermis)

uneven complexion, senile keratosis
underlying mimicry muscle wrinkles at rest
some fine lines

LEVEL III (epidermis, papillary dermis, reticular dermis) 

marked wrinkles
numerous fine lines
thickened, yellowish skin
senile and actinic keratosis
“crumpled” look

Classification of photoaging according to Glogau: 

Group I: 
mild, 28-35 years old, no wrinkles, early photoaging, no keratosis, minimal wrinkles, little pigmentation change

Group II:
moderate, 35-50 years, wrinkles in motion, early to moderate photoaging, early brown spots, keratosis palpable but not visible, parallel smile lines

Group III:
advanced, 50-65 years old, wrinkles at rest, advanced photoaging, obvious discoloration, visible capillaries, visible keratosis, deep furrows

Group IV:
severe, 60-75 years, only wrinkles, severe photoaging, yellow-grey skin colour, prior skin malignancies, wrinkles throughout, cannot wear makeup