The Department of Regenerative Dermatology that I represent at ISPLAD focuses on the study of the effects of cellular alteration of epidermal tissues during repair and healing processes. It aims to develop new methodologies and medical treatment in situations which can increase cellular damage, as in aging of skin tissues, and also verify the possible correlation of this type of degeneration to dermatological disorders.
It is not always the case that the cellular and extracellular matrix alteration in skin tissues modify the functions of the genes that regulate the basal activities, whilst others can have extremely significant effects.
We also know that the extracellular matrix, the amorphous substance found between cells, is a dynamic system that constantly monitors and repairs the same and undergoes mutation at various time scales, mainly consisting of proteoglycans, collagen fibre, glycoproteins and hyaluronic acid. Although we speak of collagen as a static element of our skin, in actual fact, it is not unalterable as it too is subject to mutations in structure.
In fact, the collagen and fibroblasts it is composed of play an important role in the natural healing and cellular repair processes which slow down with age, excessive exposure to sunlight, repeating of aggressive methodologies and the accumulation of hazardous mutations in our cells caused by free radicals. These events can cause chronic levels of metabolic alterations. Cellular renewal during the repair processes takes long and precise amount of time and requires, if intentionally stimulated, treatment programmes that respond to these requirements. Small molecules such as: adhesion proteins, Growth factors, enzymes and mRNA present in cells and basal structures of the skin, regulate the tissue regeneration processes and act according to a precise hierarchy. It is the correct interpretation of this knowledge and data that can be fundamental for the application of dermatological methodologies aimed at consolidating the right results: natural rejuvenation and wellbeing of the skin according to one’s age and beauty.