Over time we have worked with a vast variety of technologies and methodologies. What seems less responsive to the temporal evolution of the application module and is still an enormous credit in the field of dermatology, is the use of mini-needles for trans-dermal conveyance of bioactive substances contained in small vials such as: vitamins, enzymes, antioxidant elements. Our target is to optimise the physiological exchange of the extracellular matrix and stimulate the regeneration of its most important components i.e. Collagen and Elastin.

Biorevitalisation is a crucial aspect of my programme because, by improving the basal conditions of skin, it strengthens and boosts the efficacy and duration of all subsequent treatment. It is, as is known, an outpatient treatment that requires no anaesthesia or interruption of the patient’s normal daily activities.

This method generates an improvement in the quality and appearance of the skin, it can increase the duration of the remedial effects of fillers on wrinkles, and promote faster healing of the skin after laser treatments, which cause superficial abrasions, and minor surgery. Current scientific opinions on the active principles of bio-revitalisation identify their application in stimulating the collagen cells, i.e. the fibroblasts, to achieve a correct metabolic activity, so as to increase the elasticity of the dermis and the antioxidant power of its own cells. This treatment requires from six to ten sessions.