Mesotherapy is based on the injection of a cocktail of active ingredients, which vary depending on the types of cellulite, using fine needles applied to multi-injectors with 3 to 18 needles 4 mm in length. The treatment is painless and the treatment cycle foresees 8 to 15 weekly sessions followed by a monthly maintenance session.

It is a body treatment invented over fifty years ago in France by a physician called Michel Pistor. He noted that some skin and joint diseases healed more quickly if the relative medication was injected directly onto the skin projection of the lesion and the affected organ. Even today, this methodology still uses tiny needles, 4-6 mm in length, whose dimensions allow the correct positioning of the chosen medication (homeopathic or pharmacological) on the skin. Each inoculation is equal to about 0.1 ml of the product which forms a small cutaneous wheal that disappears within a few hours but which, as demonstrated in the relative literature, allows the active principles to remain in place for up to 5 days.

The active ingredients used in mesotherapy are injectable homeopathic versions. The intradermal introduction reduces side effects, avoids the degradation linked to oral and/or rectal absorption (as the cutaneous metabolism is less aggressive than the hepatic metabolism) and increases patient compliance.

The active principles most commonly used in mesotherapy can be classified as follows: lipolytic substances (that dissolve fat tissue), vasoactive medication (which protect the blood vessels), anti-oedema and anti-inflammatory medication (against swelling and pain) depending on the patient’s needs. It is a safe therapy (especially when using homeopathic products) however, as with any medical intervention, it cannot be considered to be free from all complications that can occur (allergies, bruises, welts, wheals, granulomas, telangiectasia) even when performed with expertise diligence and caution. The standard protocol foresees at least 10 sessions on a weekly basis and a maintenance programme over a longer period to be determined based on the results obtained. In the 48 hours after treatment, the following are not recommended: exposure to UV radiation (sunlight and lamps), saunas, massages, lymphatic drainage treatments that are very useful in these cases, but should be performed before the mesotherapy session.