Radiofrequency is a recent technique used to treat anti-aging and flaccid skin. It consists in the use of a scanner to provide computerised controlled emission of a high-frequency alternating electric current (between 1 and 6 MHz) whose flow changes direction extremely quickly. It does not stimulate the nervous and muscular tissue but has a specific “thermal effect” on the dermis as it converts electric energy into heat. This is achieved using oscillation to heat the molecules due to a rotational shift of the intracellular electrolytes thereby heating the tissues and, consequently, the tip of the instrument, never vice versa. RF energy is programmed to be consistent and can reach depths of up to 7mm hence affecting the deep dermal layer and subcutaneous connective fibrous strands as far down to the muscle fascia. This heat generated at a superficial and deep dermis level, and also at an adipose tissue level, triggers the denaturation of collagen fibres (5-20%) resulting in immediate contraction of the fibres and a progressive effect in the weeks that follow. The effects of the hyperthermia result in a neocollagenesis (collagen type 1) by stimulating the activity of the fibroblasts, an improvement action on skin turgor and tone, plus an increase of the exchange of substances between the tissues and blood vessels. Tightening Effect or Plumping Effect.